Posted by: bhalley | 07/07/2011

Hackers Expose Flaw in iPad and iPhone?

For those who have an iPad or iPhone you will want to read this article.  Please note that the problem begins with a PDF attachment the exploits the flaw.  If you follow some simple rules regarding e-mail content and attachments you will avoid being compromised.

3 Simple Rules of E-mail

1.  Ensure your e-mail is being scanned prior to you opening it.   If your e-mail isn’t being checked before you open it then find a solution that will check your e-mail.  Most e-mail providers have this available for free but ensure that if they do, you have enabled it, if necessary.

2.  Is this type of e-mail typical of the person that sent it?  If there are grammar/spelling errors, and/or it is recommend or trying to promote something that is not usual of what this person sends than it may indicate they have been hacked.

3. Were you expecting an attachment or link from this person?  If not, contact them before you open it.

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