Posted by: bhalley | 09/19/2012

Android vs. iPhone – Part 2

Ok, so I have a friend that has taken me to task saying I am biased about my view.  Well, I am a little biased as I have never been a fan of Apple for two reasons, cost and features.  When I can spend less for a similar device that is equal or better than why would I spend the extra on a product.  When it comes to a name, quality is what I look for, not how prestigious it is.  It is like difference between a Chevy Suburban vs. the Cadillac Escalade in some ways.  You pay a lot more for the Cadillac name than the Chevy and have nearly the same vehicle.  But in the case of Apple vs Android, you get more features with the Android.

The following article is from CNET and a review of the iPhone5.  Now I read this short article and they talk about the two new big features, the 4″ screen size and 4g LTE.  But the fact is Android already has a 4.3″ screen, and has had 4G LTE for months.  If read through some of the comments, several mention that it is till behind the Android.

But let’s do a comparison for phones and features and cost.  I have included a table where I compare the features.  There are three areas, maybe four if testing can be verified that are better.  The Wireless capability, display, number of devices when used as a hotspot (but who would use 10 with slowness by so many devices), and processor if testing can be verified.

iPhone vs. Android















While video is slightly behind Android, still, the one big feature I always look for in any mobile device is replaceable battery, and Android has this.

Apple still will not have Adobe Flash support.  It doesn’t appear to support WMV, ASF, or MPEG video formats, they will have to be converted to be used.

So when you consider the cost and features, Android is still my hands-down favorite.




  1. You are comparing a phone with an operating system. Don’t compare with Android, compare with a phone. There are tons of phones using android and they don’t all have the same features. Is it a phone comparison, or an OS comparison? That is the question.

    • It is a hardware and feature comparison. Hardware wise the new iPhone5 is behind the competition out of the gate and even those who review it are saying so. The iPhone5 has a better display and better wireless for network use, and maybe a better processor, but beyond that it doesn’t surpass the devices that have been on the market. And you are paying a premium price over comparable devices. The Razr that is the equivalent equal to the iPhone5 is $100 cheaper, and the Razr MAXX at the same price has twice the memory with the ability to be upgraded. And both these phones have 4.3″ screens, beating the iPhone5. Look at the chart I made and you will see that I compare hardware to hardware. The are only two software items and that is Flash and file compatibility. Apple has said we don’t care what our users want, we are doing it our way and it is because of this that they will not dominate the market.

  2. Love it! Love it, love it, love it! Great post.

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