Blog Series

Computer Security

Part 1 – Keep Your Anti-Virus Updated

Part 2 –  Firewall and Sharing

Part 3 –  Stopping Unnecessary Services in Windows

Part 4 –  User Accounts

Part 5 –  Password Security

Part 6 –  Internet Browser Selection

Part 7 – Phising, Hacked Websites, Fake Websites

Part 8 – Security Config of Internet Browsers

Excerpt 1 – Click Fraud on the Rise

Excerpt 2 – The Twitter Attack

Excerpt 3 – Facebook Attack

Excerpt 4 –  Facebook Sells Data

How are You Using the Web

Part 1 –  Don’t Recreate the Wheel

Part 2 –  The Influence of the Web

Part 3 –  Influence of Social Media/What is Your Brand

Excel Team Favorite Shortcuts – Part 1Part 2Part 3

Function Key Layout

Operating Systems

Word Processors


Presentation Software



Change Key Assignments

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