Posted by: bhalley | 05/27/2012

Security Suite Reviews and My Thoughts on the Best Solution(s)

PC Magazine has released a review of Security Suites. First let me say that in dealing with computer security, all the software in the worth isn’t worth much when the person at the keyboard isn’t playing it safe. Too many times I have had to work on computer that has been compromised due to activity that is questionable at best. If you engage in high-risk behavior, than chances are you will get hurt. With that said I have looked over the list from PC Magazine and I wish they had given their testing criteria and how they based their rating. In my experience, there is only one product I recommend to folks, and that is AVG Free. I have had to work on other machines with many of the suites they list, and have had to do some intensive cleaning from the failure to protect. And then when I have cleaned the machine and updated the software it isn’t long before they are infected again.  But when I have removed the virus, un-installed the old anti-virus that was on there, and installed then AVG, I have yet to be called back to clean the machine, or worse, reload it.  This is where the rubber hits the road.

Now I am sure that many of these products they have reviewed and given high marks have gotten better from when I last saw them, but once bitten twice shy. Also, why pay for something when there is a free version that is actually free.


  1. I’ve had issues with EVERY security suite – including AVG, however I’d agree that AVG was one of my favorites until lately. One of their signature updates completely locked up my Windows 7, required safe mode booting and a removal of AVG before it would work properly.

    Also, with the last rebuild of my kids’ laptops (teenaged siblings), and my wife’s new(er) laptop, I have opted for simply using Microsoft Security Essentials (also FREE), and have not looked back. In fact, I am running on year 3 with the same windows build, and they are using facebook apps, youtube, and all sorts of interesting video, txt, chat, and whate ever else. Standard autoupdates default settings and quickscans. I also leave the firewalls enabled and set to the standard recommended windows settings defaults.

    Nothing fancy, just plain old Microsoft protecting itself – they’ve come a long way with security since the XP days.

    • Sorry to hear about the problem with AVG. Never had an issue with any that I have setup. I am, too, use MSE now on my laptop and not AVG, but not for any particular reason. I do prefer AVG and all my family’s computers have AVG. In regards to having to rebuild your machine let me suggest using VM Player. Setup the base machine and load VM PLayer and then setup everything that is needed in it. You can copy the VM and then let them have at with going to the internet. If it gets infected, corrupted, or just plain stupid, delete and copy and they are back off to the races. With training videos that I record for some elementary schools I am using VM Workstation so that I have not only several OS’s but different versions of office to demonstrate when I cover each topic. There are several sites that walk you through and I thought I had done a post on this, but will do one in the near future.

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