Posted by: bhalley | 04/21/2014

Best Free Anti-Virus

PcMag has done a comparison of the free anti-virus products to see which one is the best. And the one that I have been recommending to all those who I help or ask me is the Editor’s Choice. And that product is AVG Free 2014. You can read on the others that they looked at but let me share that as an IT professional of over 25 years experience and dealing with people whose machines have been infected/compromised by viruses and malware I have found that AVG is the best product on the market. When I have cleaned computers it has been paid products that let the person down. If I put the paid product back on Read More…

Posted by: bhalley | 04/13/2014

Android and Heartbleed – What you Need to Know

This morning an article popped up on my radar about Android and Heartbleed. There is a danger for a particular version of Android devices and will want to check to see if you have this version of operating system.  The version is 4.1.1. To find out you go to settings on you tablet/smartphone and the click on the About. It will either be there or under Software Version, it is dependent upon the device.  Google says less than 10% of those 4.1.1 are vulnerable and they already the sites/services that were vulnerable.If you have this version do a software update check and see if one is available. If not keep checking weekly as they are working on it. You can read more on this issue here.

Posted by: bhalley | 04/10/2014

Ditch XP and Save $100 on Purchase

Microsoft have a special right now for those who still have XP. Ditch your XP system and you can get up to $100 off the purchase of a new Tablet or Computer. Why is Microsoft doing this? The simple business answer is SALES. I covered in a post earlier this week dealing with XP and security how to keep XP secure so it will continue to run. After all, you know the old saying, Read More…

Posted by: bhalley | 04/07/2014

XP and Security Updates – What You Need to Know

So updates for XP will end tomorrow. After that those of you still running XP will not have anymore updates in terms of security. So what do you need to worry about or do you need to worry? PCWorld has written an article where they have talked to security experts about what you need to know. This will help you in deciding whether you want to upgrade or not. My personal opinion is that if you have a good Read More…

Posted by: bhalley | 04/06/2014

Office for iPad – Free

For those who have been waiting you can now get Microsoft Word, Excel, and PowerPoint on the iPad. Microsoft OneNote has been available for sometime but now you can get the other apps that are part of Microsoft Office for the iPad. PocketNow has an article in reference to this but just open iTunes and go to the Store and search and download.

Opera just released an update for its Android app that will put it above the rest of the market. What is it that is setting it apart? With version 20 you will now be able to make video calls within the browser. This isn’t that unique you may think in that video has been around, but it is unique in that you do not need a browser add-in or special client as you have in the past. You can read more about this at Android Community.

Posted by: bhalley | 03/12/2014

iPad2 RIP, is Apple finally Ready? Are People?

Is Apple finally saying goodbye to the iPad2? Pocketnow has a short blog about production for the iPad2 has started to ramp down. With the latest two iPads with Retina displays it has given Apple consumers an option. You can read their full posting here.

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