Posted by: bhalley | 05/07/2010

Make Your Battery Go Further

For those with laptops it is essential to keep that battery charged when possible so when you don’t have an outlet you get the full use of the battery.  There are some configurations changes you can make to help extend the batteries use.  Click on the appropriate link for your system.

Windows (any version) MAC(any version)

15 Ways to Extend Battery (All laptops)


  1. Great tips, I am performing those suggestions for a long time now, and i can say they helped me to extend the usage of my battery by 25% which is great. Right now I am using a Dell laptop. I use this laptop a lot during the day, mainly for internet browsing and tracking some analytics so it not just I keep him on stand by most of the time.

    I also performing similar tips on my Samsung Galaxy Note smartphone which helped me to save up to %45 of my battery and those tips can be found in here so make sure you read them carefully.

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