Posted by: bhalley | 03/11/2014

Apple’s Latest iOS Fix and What You May Not Know

Last month there was an update to the iOS platform. What was in the update was not fully released but techcrunch has the story about what was found in the update. Just click on the link and read the story.


I remember many, many years ago commercials for speed reading programs. All these were designed to increase not only the speed at which you read but also your comprehension. It has been sometime since I have seen any of these, probably 30+ years. But now in the 21st century, there is an app for that. Actually, there are a number of different apps available for it both free and paid. Smithsonian has an article about the technology and mentions a web-based one called Spritz and a paid App called Velocity only available Read More…

Posted by: bhalley | 02/13/2014

Flappy Bird Gone Almost but Not Gone – BEWARE!

Flappy Bird was here and gone faster than you can say “Hello” and “Goodbye.” Now there are clones popping up because of the popularity of it. But you have to careful with what download. Anytime it is free it is buyer beware. It is free for a reason and that is because many have some unwanted additions. These additions are items that will gather information you do not want getting out. The unwanted additions are called malware. Android Community has the story on this problem.

When it comes to mobile phones what is the reason you buy it? Is it because of the name/make of the phone? Is it the features a phone has?  What about screen size? For me I look at phone’s processor, RAM, storage, resolution and real estate the screen has.  I weigh these options when I look at the devices as you have to make sure what you are getting is going to suit your needs. You may get the top of the line processor and RAM but the storage may be limited so that you can’t put much on the device.  You may have a nice big screen but the resolution is low so that a smaller screen still has the same or better graphics. Read More…

Posted by: bhalley | 11/21/2013

Winamp Says Adios on Dec 20

Next month on December 20 you will no longer be able to download Winamp or use any of its services after this date.  AOL who now owns it is pulling the plug.  To say this is shocking is surprising, especially since it is earning them $6 million annually.  CNET Australia has a little history and the story on Winamp’s end.

So the wife and I were watching one of our shows when a commercial came on for T-Mobile for parents pleading for their son to turn off his phone.  It was costing them as he was abroad and just having the phone on was generating excessive charges.  Then they were wanting people to tell him to switch to T-Mobile’s Simple Choice that has “Free Roaming.”  OK, so the cellphone market is getting very competitive right now as the companies are fighting for customers.  They had some great deals and then scrapped them and their customers started going elsewhere, surprise! surprise!  Well, now they are fighting again so here come the deals.  And as usual, when one is offering a deal that is too good to be true, better read the fine print.  The fine print on this one is called speed.  InformationWeek Mobility details the offering from T-Mobile and how it works in this story.

Posted by: bhalley | 10/16/2013

Windows 8 Support End Date/Windows 8.1 Release

In 24 hours Windows 8.1 will be available in the Windows Store.  Well, that is to say that is when it is the 18th in New Zealand and it is released.  The much-anticipated update is almost here.  While there are some long-awaited fixes in the update that have been mentioned and you can read from here, I will wait to see if all is true in the update.  But what does this have to do with the Windows 8 Support End Date?  Well, Microsoft has decided for you to continue to have support you will need to upgrade.  If you do not, your support will end 2 years from the 8.1 release.  By updating you extend support to Jan 2018, and extended support will go into 2023.  Neowin has the complete details here.

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