PowerPoint 2010 – Plain and Simple

By – Nancy Muir

Published – 2010, Microsoft Press, O’Reilly

ISBN – 0-7356-2728-2

Pages – 272

Don’t let the title fool you with this book.  When I saw the title I thought this book would be, as part of the title states, ‘Simple.’  With over 20 years in the field and 10 years working heavily with PowerPoint I thought I would be bored at best with this book.  I was surprisingly amazed by this book.  With the new Ribbon in Microsoft Office and the new features introduced in PowerPoint 2010, this was an excellent resource for learning where and how to use the new features in PowerPoint 2010.

The book begins with covering the Ribbon and how to use some of the enhanced features in PowerPoint 2010. It then goes into the basics of making a PowerPoint.  It covers how to make changes to the Slide Master, which in a support role was always a question from users.

What I enjoyed most was the coverage of the new features.  When you consider the amount of new software released and the new features each carries, not including new hardware, and new technologies, it is impossible to keep up with it all.  So they way this book covers not only the basics but also the new features in a relatively short book, at 272 pages, is a small treasurer.

The book gives a step-by-step in each chapter as it covers each feature.  There is a brief description of the feature and what it is, then a walk-through of using the feature.  The time it takes to go through the book and trying the feature can be accomplished within a day, or day and a half.

For anyone wishing to learn PowerPoint for the first time or learn how to use it better this is the book I would recommend this as your source.


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