Posted by: bhalley | 10/17/2013

T-Mobile’s Free International Roaming Plan (Except)

So the wife and I were watching one of our shows when a commercial came on for T-Mobile for parents pleading for their son to turn off his phone.  It was costing them as he was abroad and just having the phone on was generating excessive charges.  Then they were wanting people to tell him to switch to T-Mobile’s Simple Choice that has “Free Roaming.”  OK, so the cellphone market is getting very competitive right now as the companies are fighting for customers.  They had some great deals and then scrapped them and their customers started going elsewhere, surprise! surprise!  Well, now they are fighting again so here come the deals.  And as usual, when one is offering a deal that is too good to be true, better read the fine print.  The fine print on this one is called speed.  InformationWeek Mobility details the offering from T-Mobile and how it works in this story.


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