Posted by: bhalley | 10/16/2013

Windows 8 Support End Date/Windows 8.1 Release

In 24 hours Windows 8.1 will be available in the Windows Store.  Well, that is to say that is when it is the 18th in New Zealand and it is released.  The much-anticipated update is almost here.  While there are some long-awaited fixes in the update that have been mentioned and you can read from here, I will wait to see if all is true in the update.  But what does this have to do with the Windows 8 Support End Date?  Well, Microsoft has decided for you to continue to have support you will need to upgrade.  If you do not, your support will end 2 years from the 8.1 release.  By updating you extend support to Jan 2018, and extended support will go into 2023.  Neowin has the complete details here.


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