Posted by: bhalley | 10/14/2013

What Microsoft didn’t Say in What it Said

Microsoft released some significant patches last week to close holes in Internet Explorer.  They fixed zero-day issues.  But while they had quite a bit to say about what was fixed, it is what they didn’t say that is the problem.  PCMag details the issues in this article online.  One thing I would suggest is looking at another browser for accessing the internet.  I have asked users at our office to switch to Google Chrome as it will not install items that are downloaded automatically.  I have noticed as I browse through sites there are times I have executable items download when I have gone to a site.  While the site was a safe site, someone had hacked into it and dropped a package into it for unsuspecting users to get hit by.  And unless the site host knows it can infect several hundred before it is found out.  Safari and Opera are other good alternatives that will download but not execute these type of files.

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