Posted by: bhalley | 10/14/2013

Facebook and Privacy – A How-to Protect Yourself

Facebook has gone through several changes in its privacy policies.  In fact it seems like just as you get your settings adjusted after their last change to make sure only those you want to see your updates get them, they have gone and made changes again.  I was talking with a good friend of mine the other day who is not on Facebook about setting up an account and privacy was the major concern this person had against setting up account.  I explained that I don’t put much in terms of personal information on their that people wouldn’t be able to easily find out anyway.  I don’t broadcast all that I am doing on Facebook, usually I just put a couple of quotes everyday and share some funny pics that I find.  I also like to share funny and inspirational videos that I find or see from others.  It used to be you could keep your name hidden but that little feature is a thing of the past.  PCMag has, however, put together a how-to on helping you to decrease the chances on you showing up in searches.  I hope you find this useful for those that do want to keep your information more private.


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