Posted by: bhalley | 10/04/2013

Is Blackberry Alive, Ill, on Life-support, or Do We Make Funeral Arrangements?

I have never used a Blackberry device.  I have seen a few people with them, and when I say few I could probably count them on both hands.  I will say I have seen more people today with basic cellphones than with Blackberry devices.  I never really got the whole Blackberry device, partly because of my ignorance but I see it more as a cellphone with a few more features like a keyboard that make it easier to do e-mail and texting on the device but not much more.  I do know that they have apps for it but I have always viewed them as a dumbed-down smartphone.  I remember that from my previous position where we had a corporate e-mail system in order to get the Blackberry user connect we had to setup a special server for them.

Well, the latest announcement from Gartner, maker of the Z10 smartphone, I think it is time to put this horse out to pasture.  Computerworld has the store where Gartner has told enterprise IT shops to find alternatives.  Many have already been transitioning to Apple or Android products.  But for the remaining it is now time to accept the fact that Blackberry’s fate is sealed.  The only question is will you be keeping it on life-support or be the one laying to rest.  And FYI Microsoft, if you would get your App Store going for your Smartphone, get the makers to offer some larger screens, then you become a formidable player to replace Blackberry and start taking market share for the big two.  I used to be Windows Mobile and would happily come back but I want a larger screen, and definitely more apps.

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