Posted by: bhalley | 09/18/2013

Facebook Changing Page Ranking Methodology

For those with Facebook Pages here is one you need to read.  Facebook is making a change and you could be penalized because of your posts.  You are probably saying, “Say what?”  My words exactly.  Whatever happened to the old saying, “If it ain’t broke, don’t fix it.”  Now what they are doing makes some sense in that it will help some pages in increasing visibility, but to penalize on the basis they are going to, what they are calling low-quality content,  I will be the first to throw a flag and call a penalty myself.  If you want to penalize anyone, how about we start with those who keep posting the P90X link that pictures a supposed before and after of a women who used it.  The whole ad is bogus and yet I keep seeing this stupid thing posted even after person after person says it is a fake.  How about those who post pictures that say to click like or comment on where you stand?  If people care they will, do they have to be told to do it?  There are many others that could be mentioned but it is time to get off the soapbox and go to work.


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