Posted by: bhalley | 08/27/2013

Google Chrome and Passwords

PCMag has an article about Google Chrome and security with protecting your passwords.  Now any computer I setup I will always go into the browsers and turn of storing passwords because of the vulnerability.  You should use a 3d-party app to store your passwords.  My current laptop has a finger-print scanner that can store website logons so I use this exclusively to help in protecting my passwords.  In order to even view the passwords you have to login to the program to view the passwords.  I would also suggest that you do not use one password for all your logons.  You can read the story here.  In regards to passwords here are some basics rules you should follow.

1. Different passwords for different sites by types.  I use one password for my e-mail accounts, except work is different from these.  I use another password for sites I make purchases from.  And then another password for social networking sites.  This way if one is compromised they don’t have the keys to the kingdom.  I have a friend you signed up for a Chinese social network site that was less than secure and because they use the same password on their e-mail the company hijacked the address book to start sending invitations to the site to everyone in their address book.

2. Make your password a pass phrase.  A phrase is something like “Amandais#1” where Amanda could be a child or wife.  You could use a pet’s name.

3. Use upper case, lower case, numbers, and if allowed special characters.  The more character sets involved the harder it will be for the password being hacked.

Follow these three basic rules and the chances of you accounts being hacked.


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