Posted by: bhalley | 08/09/2013

Windows Phone Sales on The Rise – I am not surprised

I have mentioned this to all my Smartphone compadres that when Microsoft came out with seamlessly linked computer, tablet, and phone that it would change the market place.  One thing that Apple had going for it was the ability of the MAC, iPad, and iPhone to connect and function as almost one unit.  Take this functionality and add flexibility, plus the fact that it comes with a price tag that is almost half and it is no surprise that this would happen.  And then you have with some of the Windows 8 Laptops screens that flip to become a tablet like the Lenovo Yoga or Dell XPS Convertible Ultrabook, or the tablets with keyboards like the Surface or Samsung ATIV that true tablets but still retain enough of the laptop that make a user happy.  Add the ability to plug-in multiple USB into the tablets, memory cards, and screen re-sizing and even the 3rd gen iPad looks like old technology.  So now we see with this report from C-Net that Windows Phone sales went up 77 percent in the 2nd quarter.  I believe this trend will continue, too.  The only two things that will kill this increase will be as I posted recently Microsoft’s push to force upgrades to maintain support and app availability in the store for users.  I currently use Android and have been an Android user when I switched from Windows Mobile 5 due to the lack of apps and a good GPS.  The two things that will hold me back from changing will be the effect on my current plan, and then getting a phone that has the screen real estate my current has.  I am not blind, don’t need glasses, but I have come to love the larger screens and all that you can fit on them.


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