Posted by: bhalley | 06/19/2013

Securing Your Data from Prying Eyes

With all the news about the NSA and snooping you maybe looking for ways to keep you data secure and safe from unwanted intrusion.  There are ways without paying any money to do this.  CNN’s Doug Gross has some help in how to secure your personal information to prevent those who you do not wish to from accessing your data.  Starting with Windows XP you have had the ability to encrypt your data.  This is a good way to prevent prying eyes from nosing into your business.  Let me give you one precaution when it comes to encrypting your data.  The first time you go to encrypt your data it is going to want you to say a copy of your encryption key to an external drive, like a USB drive.  Before encrypt I would suggest you get 2 small USB thumb drives that you save this key to.  Keep them secured in places only you can get to.  If you have a small safe at home put one in there.  The other store with a family member who has a safe, or if you have a safety-deposit box store it there.  There is nothing worse than having a computer crash and then cannot un-encrypt your data because you do not have the key for it.


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