Posted by: bhalley | 05/13/2013

What is Linked-In, Privacy Policy and User Agreement Changes

For those who use the site Linked-in they have made changes to their Privacy Policy and User Agreement.  In case it has been a while since you have been on there then you will want to take a look at it.  If you aren’t familiar with Linked-In think of it as a more specialized/professional Facebook.  Linked-In is built about the idea of sharing and networking.  Think of Facebook minus all the cutesy, dumb, and here is what I did posts.   Before you really get started the first thing is to build your profile much like you build a resume.  Where as real estate is king on a resume, 2-limit, you can include more information on linked.  You can also mark your skills/expertise along with certifications.  As you connect with friends and colleagues they can endorse you and write recommendations providing potential employers with immediate references.  Employers can then find you when they are looking for someone with specific skills to fill a position.

Besides your profile building Linked-In consists of  grouping based on interests,  job skills, background, and/or certifications.  For example I am member of groups connected with IT as I am an IT Director and certified, I am a member of several groups connected with my church, I am a member of several education groups from when I taught a year ago, and then a couple military groups as I am a veteran.  Some groups are locked and require approval for you to join, others are open.  The posts in the group are almost always relevant to the group (I don’t say always as you may have someone that makes a spam post but group admins are good about policing that sort of thing).  You can post questions to the group in a post to garner discussions and get ideas.  There will be posts about the latest happenings in the field or specialty related to the group.  It is a great site for getting information that is more specific to your field or interests.

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