Posted by: bhalley | 05/10/2013

Time to Geek this Up, Who Wants a Star Trek E-mail Address

OK, I am a Trekkie, I will admit it.  I have all the director’s cut with the exception of Star Trek Nemisis.  I am a big fan of the TOS and NG (if you don’t know than you aren’t a trekkie), DS9 was ok, haven’t like Voyager or Enterprise.  For those who are die-hard Trekkie’s you probably already know but if not here is some news for you, you can now have a Star Trek e-mail address.  Your address can end with one of three domains:,, or

Now you are probably wondering if there is a cost and the answer would be yes.  It is $15 a year plus any applicable taxes depending on your location.  To find out and sign up just click here and then click on the link to the domain you would to have an e-mail address with.


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