Posted by: bhalley | 05/06/2013

Warning! Warning! Danger users of IE8

If you are still using IE8 Microsoft has released a security advisory about a problem that affects all operating systems.  Users of other versions of IE are not affected by this flaw and they do not have a fix for this yet.  ZDNet has an article on what they call the zero-day flaw.  To find out the version of IE you are using if you see a word menu click on help and the About Internet Explorer.  If you don’t then look for a little Sprocket and when you click on it you should see the About Internet Explorer.

My recommendation would be use IE 9 if possible, not IE 10 and  just check my previous entry from yesterday about why on that.  Or do as I have done and switch to Google Chrome or Opera.  I personally like Opera but there are some website issues I have found, particularly with needing to conduct financial business that have had issues so Chrome has come in ahead of Opera so Chrome is now my primary choice.  The other thing I love with both of these browsers is that you can set them to remember what tabs you had open for pages.  If you have multiple tabs open when you close your browser it will reopen them when you start your browser again.  A very handy feature.


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