Posted by: bhalley | 05/05/2013

What Happened with IE 10 – 2 Steps back Microsoft

How many of you have tried out the new Microsoft Internet Explorer version 10.  I have given it a whirl on my machine and after just under 2 months I an left in dismay by what Microsoft has done.   Now the machine I have been running it on is an I7-2720 2.20GHz with 16GB RAM so it is not a wimp when it comes to getting out of the barn.  I run VMWare for work and this is a workhorse.

First is the fact that Flash did not work under it.  Many of the news websites I went to I would have to copy address and paste into Chrome or Opera in order to watch the clip.  Not cool.  They backed away from the ban in March but it never seemed to work for me.

Second, I had two users get nailed with search viruses under IE 10 all but killing their internet capability.  I had less hassle under IE 9 and better controls with the computers.  Now I will admit the browser was faster, but one feature I lost is my finger print scanners login capabilities with websites.  And there still isn’t an update.  It is supposed to be more compliant to the web, but using the plugins from IE 9, didn’t happen.  What is interesting is when I uninstalled yesterday and rebooted I didn’t have to reload the fingerprint scanner add-in.  I went to my first site and it popped-up with my login and waiting for me to swipe my finger.

While the browsing was faster, there were times IE 10 didn’t think it was connected.  The problem comes with hibernating and the bringing the machine up on another network.  I go back and forth between work and home, and travel to a few other locations regularly and at least once every 3 or 4 days I had to reboot to get IE 10 backup and running.  I also found that if a page I had open encountered issues it caused all the other pages to crash with it.

Overall, this was an rookie move with this release.


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