Posted by: bhalley | 05/03/2013

Reports of the Death of the PC have been Greatly Exaggerated

With all the tablets that are now available and mobile computing there are those who say the PC is dead.  Many schools are moving the direction of iPads for learning and books, but does that mean the PC is dead?  ZDNet has an article that says ‘Jurrasic Park’ proves the PC won’t die.  As I have thought about this I have to agree.  One reason I agree from a business stand point is reports.  Voice recognition is nice but editing with a tablet is the elephant in the room that will not go away.  There are limits to what computers can do with spelling and grammar.  Having worked as an exec. admin in the military I am speaking from experience and as an IT director I know that AI is good, but if you think it is that good than you must also think military intelligence is not an oxymoron.  There are some leaps of logic a computer will not be able to make.  I think part of this lies in our ability to experience emotion, and this gives us that ability to make those leaps.  Some of you may disagree, but then we can agree to disagree.


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