Posted by: bhalley | 05/01/2013

Kudos to MS, But You Still Don’t Have a Keyboard

OK, so I can admit when someone comes up with a good commercial, though I am still waiting for Microsoft to answer the Windows vs. MAC commercial with the two guys (and I have a great idea for that one, a take-off from MIB 2).  The commercial takes place at a wedding, the happy couple is about to recite their vows.  The attendees are recording the service when…  Well, you will have to watch the commercial to find out.  I have linked to the site for the commercial, just in case you are wondering where I fall on this one.  And BTW Microsoft, you still don’t have a keyboard so I will be keeping my Droid.  Although, I will say I took a look at the Samsung Galaxy Note 2 and am liking it.  While it is a fairly big device and holding it up to your ear for a call might look funny, there is always Bluetooth.  And you can’t beat the real estate of the Note 2 screen.

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