Posted by: bhalley | 04/07/2013

Buying a New PC, here is Windows 8 Training from MS Virtual Academy to Prepare You

For those of you looking to buy a PC any new machine you purchase will come with Windows 8.  The learning curve can be difficult when dealing with the new interface so the Microsoft Virtual Academy has Windows 8 training available.  Click here for the training.  I strongly recommend if you buy a new PC is get touch-screen.  Windows 8 is designed around a touch-screen interface and you will find it a little difficult to work with just a mouse and keyboard.  If you don’t want to deal with touch screen and are hoping to downgrade to Windows 7 there are couple things you need to know.  One, the only free downgrade path I have found is if you buy the PC with Windows 8 Professional.  Home and Home Premium do not have a downgrade path.  In order to install Windows 7 on a new PC you have to make a change in the bios as a new feature that has been built-in to help prevent root viruses from infecting you they now how a security feature called UEFI to prevent anything loading at the low of a level on the hard drive.  You will need to search for how to make that change in your particular BIOS.


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