Posted by: bhalley | 04/04/2013

A Lamborghini with a Model A Ford Fuel Pump or Information SuperHighway – NOT!!!

In the last couple months I have had the opportunity to work on a couple of computers, laptops to be precise, that have needed help.  Primary complaint is the computer is running slow.  We have all been there at one time or another.  Primary cause is usually people loading a bunch of free programs and/or games, and un-be-known to them a few other free programs were loaded along with them.  (This is why they were free for those who have done this).

So as I am going through and checking the latest victim of hurry-up and wait, and wait, and wait.  I went through the registry, start-up folder, and the other usual gotcha’s to clean out all the junk that I was expecting to be on this computer only to find there wasn’t but one item on there.  Now you may be thinking how bad was this program that was causing this.  And the answer to that is the one item was a toolbar that came with a purchased program.  So what was the problem with the computer?

Let me give you the specs first.  This was an 64-bit laptop with a 2.0 GHz quad-core processor, 4 GB of RAM (256 MB used for video), 650 GB SATA hard drive, on a 800 MHz motherboard.  Can you identify where the problem is? This would be the equivalent of a Lamborghini on a 8-lane highway with a quad-barrel carburetor and an open road ahead.  But instead of running at 72 MPH, or faster, the car is limited to running only 54 MPH because the fuel pump is from a model A Ford.  Have you figured it out now?

The speed should be pointing the problem out.  What I am talking about is the speed of the hard drive.  This laptop only had a 5400 RPM SATA drive. I am baffled at how stupid, and I do mean stupid, computer manufacturers still think people are.  If you have a SATA drive why in the world would bottleneck it at the RPM’s?  I have an older laptop with an IDE drive that is running at 7200 RPM.  I couldn’t believe it.  And this isn’t the first time I have seen this.  The last three laptops that I have worked on all had SATA drives, but there were 5400 RPM.  Are manufacturers trying to lose customers?

It reminds me in the early 2000’s when XP was just out and I would see commercials talking about their new offering that Windows XP with a whopping 256 MB of RAM.  Or surf the internet faster with 256 MB of RAM.  256 MB was just enough to get XP off the ground running pretty good, as long as you didn’t load more than a couple of programs on the computer.  You needed 512 MB for XP to run well with other software on it, and 1 GB was preferable.

But I digress.  What is wrong with you manufacturers selling equipment that will not perform?  On this latest machine I changed the hard drive and replaced the 650 GB 5400 RPM hard drive with a 160 GB SSD and the difference in boot-up is a Genius Book of World Records difference.  In stead of the computer taking minutes to boot-up, and I am talking over 2 minutes, it now boots in less than 20 seconds.

It is time for the manufacturers to stop playing games with the machines they are selling.  Users are getting frustrated and tired of feeling like they are wasting their money.  People want a low-cost machine but don’t cut the wrong corners  Instead of the 650 GB 5400 RPM drive put a 250 GB 7200 RPM drive.  Let the 5400 RPM drives die with IDE technology.  You are only hurting yourselves by putting this inferior piece of hardware in your systems.

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