Posted by: bhalley | 12/30/2012

Bible Reading Plan for the New Year

This post will be a break from the Technical but something I want to pass along and have shared when speaking this past Sabbath.  For those who have tried reading the Bible through, you have probably started off strong only to fall victim to trying to follow all the instruction at the end of Exodus, Leviticus, and Numbers. I was given a reading plan that makes not only reading through the Bible easier, but more enjoyable and eye-opening. It works this way, take and break up the Bible into three sections. The three sections are Genesis to Job, Psalms to Malachi, and Matthew to Revelation.

You read a chapter from each section per day. So it looks like this.

Day 1 – Genesis 1, Psalms 1, Matthew 1

Day 2 – Genesis 2, Psalms 2, Matthew 2

Day 3 – Genesis 3, Psalms 3, Matthew 3 and on and on.

So on Day 30 – Genesis 30, Psalms 30, Mark 2

You continue taking the next chapter in each section. When you finish a section, you begin it again. So when you finish with Rev 22 you go back and read Matthew 1 the following day.

This will get you through the Bible in a way that will break the monotony of reading through some of the tougher or less interesting parts. And one thing it will do is start opening texts where it says ‘as it was written.’ You could when finishing one section start the section in another version of the Bible. I those who have been doing this for years and they have yet to read the same three texts together. So make a New Years’ resolution that will have meaning and start reading the Bible in a new way.


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