Posted by: bhalley | 10/24/2012

E-books, Kindle, and DRM

For those of you have a Kindle, or run Kindle software I have a story that you will want to pay attention to.  Before electronic media buying a book meant going to a store to purchase it and bringing it home.  The book was yours to do with.  If there was a problem with the book or the publisher’s right to print the book, it was yours to keep.  The book store would not come to collect the book, and if you paid cash they wouldn’t know who you were.  But with e-book readers it has changed the way books are handled.  Now you can browse from the comfort of your home and purchase what you want.  No problem, right?

Well there are two problems that come with the way this works and it is in terms of DRM (Digital Rights Management).  If you think you own the books you purchase think again.  In July 2009 Amazon deleted books from Kindles because the published didn’t have the rights to publish the book electronic.  The latest story of a problem with Kindles and content come from the UK where a lady found her Kindle wiped and the 40 or so books she had on it.  The story from Amazon is that her account was associated with another account that had been blocked but they would not provide details.  You can read the full story here.

With the actions Amazon is taking it will make future buyers of Kindles and e-books think twice before purchasing.


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