Posted by: bhalley | 07/20/2012

Convert Video for use on Your Apple Device (iPhone, iPod, iPad, AppleTV, MAC) – Part 2

In yesterday’s post I linked to MacTrast on converting video through Quicktime to fit your appropriate Apple device. One of the problems with this is that your video must be in a Quicktime format to do this.  But what if the file is not in a Quicktime format? There are add-ins for Quicktime you can buy.  The Quicktime Components page has the different components to play different types of files.  The problem I have with this solution is additional components that have to be installed and additional costs.  I prefer free or lost all-in-one solutions though you do need to be careful of what you download for this purpose in regards to free.

One option I found available is on online conversion. There is no software to install but it does require you to upload your video to their site.

The other option is to perform an internet search for applications.  One converter I found that works with many files and in both directions is MOVAVI Video Converter. It is free to try and costs just under $30 to purchase.  This is similar to an app I bought years ago and what I like is the fact it will convert from and to many formats.

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