Posted by: bhalley | 07/13/2012

Yahoo Users, Take Notice! Your Password may have been Hacked – Others take notes

It was announced yesterday that over 450,000 Yahoo accounts were hacked and passwords posted online.  Many of you may not have been affected, but you need to take precautions.  You can read the story from CNN here.  What can you do to prevent this?  Make sure your password is a complex password, but that doesn’t mean complicated.  A complex password uses UPPER CASE LETTERS, lower case letters, and numbers.  You may even try using some special characters, but you need to know the requirements/limits of Yahoo.  This also applies to any other website, computer, or application you run.  DO NOT WRITE YOUR PASSWORD DOWN.  If you have a problem remembering than you have probably made it too complicated.  A complex password would be like ‘Bear1995’.  This is a pet we had and when we got him.  Don’t worry, I don’t actually use that and never have.  Your password should be at least 8-10 characters long.  If you don’t want to take a chance on it being hacked the minimum length now is 15 characters.  How do you make one that long?  Make it a phrase like ‘Mexican Food is #1’.  That password uses upper and lower case, a special character, and a number.  It is also 18 characters long and easy for me to remember.  Again, I have not used this but you get the idea.  I hope this helps you out.


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