Posted by: bhalley | 07/02/2012

Thinking about a Wireless Data Plan, Check-out Infoworld’s Scenario Comparisons

You see commercials about who has the best wireless coverage and network, who has the best data plan, and so on and so on.  So how to choose?  Infoworld has put together some scenarios for comparison so you can make an informed decision.  The one area in addition to cost you need to think about in terms of 4G plans is how quick you will use up the allotted bandwidth.  It is reminiscent of the PC makers about 10 years ago selling computers saying a whopping 256MB of RAM and how fast the internet would be, and it was just barely enough to run Windows XP much less having a 56K modem but only getting 28K connection from your telephone provider.  The wireless providers are going to have to adjust the amount of bandwidth in their plans or they are going to suffer the frustration of their users as PC makers did.  I, fortunately, am grandfathered under an unlimited plan with my 3G.  When I am traveling I use about 8 GB a week with the work I do. I can’t imagine the bandwidth usage on a 4G connection.  The only provider that would even support my usage is Sprint, but their coverage is so sparse for my travel area.  It is time for wireless providers to start creating larger plans.


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