Posted by: bhalley | 07/01/2012

My Recommended Mobile Browsers for Tablets and Smartphones

As I was going through some tech articles I found this one on Google Chrome being the #1 free app for iOS devices in less than 24 hours. There are many browsers that are available for download on mobile devices.  I have not tried all but will talk about those I do know.  Now mobile devices come with a basic browser and you can use it for what you do.

The biggest limitation I have with browsers designed for mobile devices are browsing sites that have a mobile.  There are times I prefer the full page and cannot get it because of the browser detection.  Enter my first recommended browser if you are needing the regular page of a website, and that browser is the Dolphin Browser.  When I ran it the first time it asked how I wanted the app to operate.  Having the full website is verify helpful at times, and with today’s network speed do you really need a mobile page?

As far as speed goes one that has performed very well because is the Opera Mini and Mobile browser.   Opera Mini, and Opera Mobile in Turbo mode proxy data and therefore reduce the amount of data you will use while speeding up your browsing experience.  I use Opera as my primary browser on my laptop and having it on my mobile device meant consistency with browser use.

Another browser for speed and saves on data is the Skyfire browser.  I have seen near equal performance to Opera and the setup is more comparable with Chrome for the PC.

I wish I could test the Google Chrome browser but they have made it for version 4 of the Android OS called Ice Cream or higher.  I don’t know why they have not made it for older type devices and hope that they will make it available as it is a dis-service to market.

There are many others that are available that I will do some testing with, especially with those that support the new Android Voice Command like the Boat Browser.  If you are curious about what is available just do a search for browser and see what comes up.  I would say don’t spend any money as there are more than enough free ones available.

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