Posted by: bhalley | 06/27/2012

What is Microsoft Office Starter 2010? And How do I Upgrade?

Those who have purchased a new PC with Windows 7 in the last 2 years most likely had something called Office Starter 2010 on it.  You have have wondered what this is.  In short, it is very simplified versions of Word and Excel that have display ads in it.  You can read more about it here.  If you want to upgrade there are two ways.  You can use the in-app method that takes you to a page with instructions on how to purchase online and upgrade, or you can purchase a boxed edition and install.  If you opt for the later, one thing you will need to do is uninstall the Office Starter edition and then install the full version.  If you do not uninstall the starter edition you may have issues as they a


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