Posted by: bhalley | 04/10/2012

Those with Windows XP, Vista, Office 2003 and 2007 – Support End Dates are Set

Those who are still running Windows XP and Office 2003, I have some bad news. Updates and support are still available right now as you have received a stay of execution, but only for 2 years.  Microsoft has released support end dates for XP and 2003, which is 2 years from this past Sunday.  Added to this is Windows Vista and Office 2007 are transitioning from Mainstream support to Extended support. My personal preference as I know many of my IT cohorts would prefer is just drop Vista and leave support for XP.  XP has been a war-horse for Microsoft as far as those who have run it and are still running it. Also consider it has been the longest running OS. To get the exact details click here.

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