Posted by: bhalley | 04/05/2012

Is the Internet Browser War Over? It Looks Like

When it comes to a Internet Browser we all have our favorite, I am sure. The only issues that can come up with a specific browser would be compatibility.  I love to use Opera as it doesn’t open pop-ups automatically, you have to click on a link that opens one, and I also like that it remembers all the tabs you had open last when you close and then re-open.  I also like that on a single icon at the taskbar regardless of how many tabs you have open. The biggest problem with Opera has been compatibility with websites, but I am finding less and less sites that will not work with it..  This use to be a big problem for IE, especially if you hit a site that had been compromised.  IE has fixed these problems with version 9.  Mozilla is one that I have not liked as it suffered some of the same issues of IE with pop-ups, but it has had the best compatibility next to IE. The last one I have used is Safari, Apple’s browser from the MAC world but also made for PC. It and Opera work almost identically but there are some nuances in difference. Safari is more compatible than Opera for some sites. With the latest release there is a program that runs in background that does tend be a little greedy on memory usage.

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