Posted by: bhalley | 03/22/2012

New iPad with 4G? Watch Your Data Usage.

For those who have purchased the new iPad with a 4G option, you need to make sure you watch your data usage on the 4G plan.  It can eat it up fast and give you a bill you are not expecting.  From USA Today’s Tech the author talks about his new iPad with 4G and within a week had used up the 2GB plan he had selected.  You can read the story here. I understand that providers are concerned about their subscribers slamming their networks, but at 4G speed the plans need to be more realistic about their plans. I use a 3G modem that has unlimited (grandfathered). I am on the road the entire summer and I use 10-15GB a month over the summer months. If I was using 4G I am sure it would be over closer to if not over 20GB.  My question is what happened to meeting the customer’s needs.


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