Posted by: bhalley | 03/16/2012

How Secure is Your Phone?

Google has come under fire because of privacy changes. Just over a week ago a judge said warrant-less searches of cellphones are valid. The question I have is how secure is your phone?  Do you have security implemented like a password or a finger pattern? How about a way to locate if you lose your phone or misplace it? I found the following story on Talk Android about the FBI being locked out of a cellphone with the security it had. Now most of us are not engaging in criminal activity, but we do have confidential and personal information that we do not want getting in the hands of criminals. I used the pattern lock on my Android phone, and I keep the screen wiped clean so people can figure out my unlock pattern.  I also use a program called Lookout that protects my phone against viruses, backs it up, will let me located it, turn it off of vibrate, and wipe it if I lose it. I had a cellphone stolen once so I have made sure to keep myself protected.


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