Posted by: bhalley | 03/01/2012

Good News for PC and Smartphones, Android and Ubuntu Linux – Game Changer?

There was double good news last week with two announcements.  The first was Ubuntu Linux will be brought to Android phones.  The second is that Google has applied for a patent for bringing the Android OS to PC’s.  I found the story on ARN and you can read it here. I am glad to see Android coming to PC’s a successful implementation is going to change the entire playing field of the technology market.  What I see coming is a change that Linux was predicted to bring.

One of the problems with Linux, in my opinion, is ease of use.  While more technical users love the OS and the security, it is not for the non-technical user. With people knowing already how to use the Android phone, the presumed easy sync capabilities that will come with this machine to Android phones and tablets, and what I suspect will be lower cost than even a PC, I suspect this will be a big game changer in the market.  All I can say is Google needs to thoroughly test with all levels of users and make the first release a winner out of the gate.


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