Posted by: bhalley | 02/22/2012

Protect Yourself Against Phishing

Phishing attacks are occurring more and more.  How many of you have received an e-mail about millions of dollars overseas that they need to get out of the country? How about an e-mail from your bank saying that you need to update your account information?  Then there is the e-mail reportedly saying a package is to be delivered and just run the attachment to see your tracking information.  And last but not least is the one from your e-mail provider saying they are going to close your account unless you login to your account.  Knowing how to avoid these will prevent heartache and pain.

The following article from the Microsoft Advertising adCenter Blog gives some tips on how to prevent.

Paypal has a phishing quiz that while it is about e-mails from them, the answers are applicable to any e-mails you receive.


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