Posted by: bhalley | 07/20/2011

Understanding Wireless Networks, Pt 1

On Sunday I provided a link to the Windows Blog with FAQ’s on Wireless Networks.  Over the next few posts I will cover this technology and help you in making the best decision for you needs.  In today’s post I will cover the wireless network types of A/B/G/N and what they mean.  These letters refer to the protocol used to communicate.  The primary differences are in bandwidth, frequency, and distance they can operate.  As you can probably guess, version ‘A’ was the first wireless standard and ‘N’ is the latest.  You probably assume each one was better than the previous and that would be true, too.  The eHow has a good synopsis of the different protocols.  It is key to note that G offers compatibility with B wireless.  If you wondering about security I will cover this in my next post.


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