Posted by: bhalley | 06/28/2011

Setup Users’ Restrictions to Prevent Problems Ahead of Time

My last couple of posts have dealt sharing files and protecting data.  I have also had posts in the past about protecting your computer from those who would do harm.  Today’s post goes over how to setup users so that you can prevent problems before they arise.  It is through User Account Control (UAC).  This works for a home network if you go the home server route, or for an individual computer.  If you go the home server route than you can pass the settings down though the network and only have to setup the user in one place.  If you don’t go the server route than you will need to repeat the user setup on each machine.  I know it may take a little time, but consider the time of having to backup and reload a machine that is infected with a virus or spyware, given that you can back it up.  Click here to learn how to setup UAC.


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