Posted by: bhalley | 06/16/2011

Choosing a Printer – Pt 4

As we continue to look at what kind of printer to get you need to determine where you will be using the printed items. If, for example, you are mainly printing out photos from a digital camera for a photo album that sits in your house and will not be exposed to the elements (i.e. light, considerable climate changes of heat and moisture, etc) than an inkjet and photo paper designed for the inkjet would be fine. If you are printing materials for an office than a laser would be better as it can handle the climate changes that will frequently occur from when people or in the office to periods when there aren’t any and climate controls are reduced meaning higher or lower temps and humidity fluctuations.

And then there is what type of device should you get? When you start looking for a unit to meet your needs the all-in-one multi-function printers (MFP) will be prevalent. My first warning is beware of the hype. If you go to a store where you will deal with a salesman, remember that they, most of the time, get a commission from what they sell you. If you work in an office with a digital phone system a printer that has a fax is useless unless you install an analog phone line to plug the fax into. A scanner is nice and when you need to scan documents to your computer they are quite handy. But if you looking at high volumes of material to scan, the MFP may not be the best solution since many do not have sheet feeders and are designed for low volume scanning. If you are dealing with different size source documents, some maybe too large to scan on the MFP so you now have a scanner that you cannot scan with. The majority of MFP only handle letter or legal size papers. Also consider what is the primary purpose of the unit? If it is printing and the printer fails after the warranty, you probably won’t keep the unit for the other features since your primary need is printing. If you are trying to save they are a good solution and will save over purchasing individual units to meet each need. Just remember to determine the full and actual need of the unit so your purchase will meet those needs.


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