Posted by: bhalley | 06/14/2011

Choosing a Printer – Pt. 3

The two questions we answer today are three and four, the print quality and do you need color?  I am going to give some basics here as you could write a small book with the amount of information in this area.

Print quality deals with the dpi (dots per inch). Most printers today have at least a 600 x 600 dpi for both b/w and color. And this is for laser. Inkjets have a higher color resolution because of the print head. You need to analyze what kind of printing you do the most of. Is it photos, graphs, or just text? If text than your main concern to meet is the print quantity we covered yesterday and ensuring the printer will hand the amount of printing you will do.

If you are printing pictures for a photo album and such, than you will want a printer that has a high dpi. Now inkjets do have a higher print resolution for photos, but are more susceptible to discolor where exposed to a lot of light. A laser resolution of 600 x 600 dpi is good for photo printing for a home, but if you do professional photography than you will want to go to at least 1200 x 1200 resolution for color printing. Of course, the price will go up to obtain it, too.

The color question is simple based on what you will be printing. A consideration where our first four questions come in to play is if you print a lot of text based documents and print some photos regular you may need to consider a two printer solution. A b/w laser for you text based work and an inkjet for your photos. Again, you must consider the quantity needed in both areas. It may be a color laser would be best based on the quantity of printing you will be doing. And if that is the case than you need total quantity of both needs to ensure you size you printer properly.


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