Posted by: bhalley | 06/13/2011

Choosing a Printer – Pt 2

The first two questions with printing deal with how you will use it and quantity of printing. These two are critical in selecting the unit that will be able to handle your needs. Question one was pertaining to the amount of printing you will do. I look at this in terms of a monthly cycle. If you only print 10-50 pages than a small printer will do fine. If you are printing a couple of hundred pages per month than you will need a larger printer. Also consider the print jobs you produce. If you print over 100 pages at a time than you want a higher capacity printer.
If you are only printing a couple of pages at a time with the printer sitting idle for long lengths than I would not recommend an inkjet as the ink could dry out before you get the full use of it. If you are printing a high volume than you definitely want to look at laser because of the cost per page.
As you are comparing models for purchase, look at the replacement supplies cost, ink versus toner, and how many pages each produces. If you an ink cartridge costs $35 to replace and a laser toner $100, the ink seems cheaper. But if the ink only produces 500 pages and the toner produces 2000, than you get a different picture because you have to buy 4 $35 ink cartridges to every one $100 laser toner.
And as you are thinking about your printing needs, try to stay away from a lot of ‘if’, ‘might’, and ‘planning to’ statements. Stick with what you know you need. You could end up with more machine than you ever need.


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