Posted by: bhalley | 05/15/2011

10 Features Android has iPhone Doesn’t

The Smartphone battle is heating up.  The four top choices are Android, iPhone, Windows Mobile(WM), and Blackberry.  I had a WM from 2008 to 2010 and liked the seamless connection with Outlook so I had all my contacts and calendar appts.  Last year I needed a GPS phone and was finding WM lacking as I had an external I used and when I had to reset the phone due to an app issue. After resetting I couldn’t get the GPS to connect and work properly.  I was planning on waiting for the iPhone to come to Verizon but since there was no confirmed date I decided to get an Android.  Since getting the Android I couldn’t be happier.  The only draw back for me has been connecting to Outlook, but that has been improving.  I found this article that gives the top 10 features that Android has over the iPhone, and with the way Google is improving it has made an excellent competitor.


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