Posted by: bhalley | 04/20/2011

Surge Protector vs. Power Strip

How many know the difference between a Surge Protector and Power Strip?  My guess would not too many know the difference.  The terms are usually used interchangeably but the are two different types of units entirely.The only similarity between the two units is the ability plug in multiple components, beyond that is where it ends.  The defining difference between the two is in what a Surge Protector does.  It prevents sudden spikes from damaging your equipment.  And they aren’t just for computers, I use them to protect other electronic equipment that I have.  But you are probably wondering how do you tell the difference.  A surge protector will have a JOULES rating.  This is in relation to the amount of power the protector can protect against before it fails.  Also, one other item to note is the response time.  It typically will be listed in ns (nanoseconds).  The lower the number the better the response time to a surge.


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