Posted by: bhalley | 02/13/2011

Backup Your PC and MAC

Backing up your machine should be an item that you set and forget.  The problem is if you have a PC and a MAC is two different technologies/platforms to back them up.  Well, thanks to Microsoft and the new Windows Small Business Server (SBS) 2011 Essentials and Windows Home Server 2011 you can now back up both to the same location.  This is one thing that you will want to make sure that if you don’t see a need to implement, to make sure that you do have a regular backup taking place.  In just the past two months I have had to work on three hard drives to recover data.  With one I have recovered, it appears, all the data.  On another, we are working on unceasing the motor so the drive will spin again.  With the third I am still working on it.  But consider this little factoid.  Recovery of a hard drive will run you from $600 to a couple thousand dollars.  This is definitely the ounce of prevention principle.  For the step-by-step read the following story.


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