Posted by: bhalley | 02/10/2011

Problem with Microsoft Word Spell Checker?

Back in 1999 I was looking for a new job and was send out resumes to every job I could find.  After sending out a hundred plus resumes I received a call.  Unfortunately, it wasn’t for a job but the person was call about a spelling error on my resume.  One of the headings on my resume had a misspelled word.  When I opened up my resume in Microsoft Word 97 it did not show the problem, and when I ran the spell checker it came up negative with errors.  But sure enough, the word was misspelled.

I called Microsoft and the person I spoke begun writing up a ticket because it appeared there was a real problem.  But as we got into the issue we found what the problem was.  There is a little default that has been a constant in Word and that is the option to ‘Ignore Words in UPPERCASE.’  Now having served in the military I can understand why you would have this option, especially with all the acronyms the military uses.  I do wonder, though, why this is a default as the larger market of users isn’t the military?

This is one option I would recommend un-checking in Word.  To remove this check do the following for the respective versions.

In versions up to 2003 click on Tools and Options.  Then click on Spelling & Grammar and un-check the ‘ignore words in UPPERCASE.’

For 2007 and 2010 click on the office symbol in the top left and then click Word Options.  Click on Proofing and un-check the ‘ignore words in UPPERCASE.’


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