Posted by: bhalley | 02/08/2011

Before You Reload that Troubled PC

I have been fearing reloading my primary computer due to problems I have been having with IE and a few other items.  With the amount of software I have on this one machine, a reload is a multi-day process.  And some of the items have to be loaded in a specific order so it makes getting everything right just a little tricky at times.  I have seen programs, and tried a few that are suppose to repair Windows, clean the registry, and promise to make every right in the world (of your PC) again.  All the ones I had tried failed right out of the gate so reload was the only thing I could see in my future.

I noticed with the latest AVG Free 2011, there is a new tool called PC-Tuner.  If you have been on this blog for any length or time, and for those who work with me, you know how I sing the praises of AVG Free for anti-virus, malware, and spyware protection.  So when I saw they had a tool that would fix my system I decided it to give it a try.  The System Analyzer said there were over 1000 issues in my registry that needed to be fixed.  The PC-Tuner tool can be run one-time free and then you have to pay for it.  I ran the tool and it went through and cleaned up my system.  After the reboot I began checking to see if the problems were truly fixed, or if this product worked like all the previous packages I had tried in the past.

The results after the reboot were quite surprising.  Before we begin the machine that I ran this on is a Windows XP SP2, with IE8, Opera, and Safari all installed.  If also has the Microsoft Office 2007 and Wordperfect Office X4 installed.  There is quite a bit of other software installed but to give the list would bore you.  First test was my IE and logging into a couple of the sites I had been unable to access.  To my amazement, these were working again.  I also noticed that IE was hanging quite a bit less when I was browsing and opening tab after tab like I do when accessing different news stories.  Another problem I had was entering a web address from Run.  It would error, and though IE would run, I would have to retype the address.  This problem was solved, too.

I found that my system overall was performing better.  It is definitely another winner from AVG.



  1. Not easy to say thank you, me english not so well – but these really good. Good read to practice English.

  2. I like this post this is good idea for the help of system problems.

  3. yeah nice

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