Posted by: bhalley | 10/12/2010

Powerline/Homeplug Ethernet

Today’s post in on a networking technology called Powerline or Homeplug Ethernet.  This type of technology allows for setup of a network without have to install network wiring in your house.  In basic explanation, it lets you use the electrical wiring in your house as your network wiring so you can setup a connection anywhere you have an outlet.  The requirement is a device plugged into the outlet where you need a connection.  If you want a more detailed explanation you can read it here on Wikipedia and the Homeplug Powerline Alliance.

There are two advantages you gain with this type of technology: 1 is ease of moving a connection from one room to another, or another location in the same room; and 2 is taking it with you when you have to move.  With wired connections, you cannot take them when you move, and you cannot move a connection in a room, you have to put in a new connection or use a long cable.  If you wish to consider purchasing units look here on Newegg or Amazon.  Units are usually sold in pairs, and if you need more than two, you should purchase all the same type units for compatibility.


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