Posted by: bhalley | 09/13/2010

Better Distribution Groups

When it comes to communication, e-mail is no longer a privilege or convenience but is a vital part of business.  I recall one job I worked at 10 years ago where employees would rather be without their phones than without e-mail.  The one area that can get complicated and difficult to maintain are your distribution lists.  The problem comes when you a person who is part of several groups leave and you need to add their replacement.  The more groups they are part of the more you have to make changes.  Here are some tips to help in setting up and maintaining these lists.

1.  Create your smallest groups first.  For example, you might create one called Officers that are just the heads of your organization.  You may have another one called Personnel and another called Financial or Treasury.  You need to be careful on the creation of these lists due to overlap, and having a lot of small lists can be just as hard to maintain, so you need to think carefully about these groups.

2. Next is to create larger groups that would include the smaller groups and add these smaller groups.  By adding the smaller groups to the larger, when you need to make a change due to personnel due to departures/replacements, you only need change the smaller group and it will affect the larger groups by their inclusion.


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